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One study conducted by aimed to show the importance of your website's title. The study found that both Google and MSN favored the keyword phrase that was in the title while there was no conclusion for the results of Yahoo as it's site indexes the files too slowly.

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Strategic on-site engine optimization for law firms starts with the page title. This tag is used by Google to index in their results and link to your website. It is the “first impression” Google gets of each page on your site as well as the first (and possibly only) impression your readers will get of what may be the first page they land on when they come to your site.  So it's important you present high quality content for the purposes of search rankings as well as visitor conversion. Some tips include not over-stuffing your page titles with keywords but also not leaving it untitled.  Keep your page titles from being too long and make sure they're relevant to the content on that particular page.  For the sake of your readers, make them appealing if the purpose is to compel them to read on.  Particularly if you're providing relevant content in a blog format, for example, you'll want your page titles to be relevant as well as interesting.

Our law firm is the top in the search optimization field. We will be able to make sure your website is ranked highly in the search engine results list when people search for your services by typing in certain search terms. In terms of  pay-per-click campaigns and paid online advertising, our strategies ensure that your money is strategically spent and brings in a high return on your investment.

Our attorney and law firm blog services provide you with a dedicated source of relevant content that keeps your website’s visitors informed and generates a boost in search engine traffic to your main website. We also offer professional content writing services for your blog(s).

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Law Firm SEO is a marketing company that helps you continuously improve your business through our results driven approach.

We make sure your firm stays competitive and we guarantee to invest the necessary resources to learn your law firm, its competition, your practice areas and your particular customers.  Then we offer you our best ideas.

In this ever-changing economy, your firm requires the skill of a dedicated web site company that can offer you that edge you need to accomplish your business goals. We will help you thrive by applying our proven online optimization marketing strategies to your legal services.