Search Ranking Position Data

A study done in 2009 by EightFoldLogic found that Google towers above all other search engines with at least 78% of all search performed through them as opposed to other search engines like Yahoo (10%) and Bing (8%).  It is approximated that Americans alone conducted 15.5 billion searches in one month in 2010.  Most significantly for the law industry is that in 2007, a study showed that approximately 86% of people surveyed had used the internet in order to find a local business, which had risen from only 70% just the year before.

The importance of a strong web site SEO campaign for your law practice is no more evident than in the face of a data leaked from AOL, which revealed that the website that holds the top ranking position in the search results gets over 42% of all traffic.  The second position receives 12%, and third 8%, the fourth 6%, and all others under 5%.  The first page of results (that's the first ten results) get almost 90% of all traffic whereas the second page gets less than 5% of traffic.

The key thing to understand from these studies is that as the search engines serve as the medium between you and your potential clients, it is of utmost importance that your law firm's site ranks highly in the search results or else a significant amount of potential business simply never even finds you.  This requires the expertise of a lawyer web site marketing company.