Rotten Tomatoes' Site

Let's look at the highly fan-driven movie-review website, Rotten Tomatoes. states that much of Rotten Tomatoes' success can actually be attributed to its use of search engine optimization.  It is stated that "Almost 70% of incoming traffic was/is from search traffic, emphasizing the point that a loyal community may not be enough to achieve mass scale for an information service." The proof is impossible to deny.  Rotten Tomatoes has been rated the #6 news site on the internet.

When the Rotten Tomatoes team noticed that their fans were searching for films and actors, as opposed to movie-review sites, they capitalized on it, making off-shoot mini-sites for highly-anticipated upcoming films, especially controversial films. As an "information service/content site... natural search rankings were the key to [Rotten Tomatoes'] growth" (, particularly when other players entered the game and copied Rotten Tomatoes' strategy.

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