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Optimized Law Firm Website Coding

Coding for websites is a more technical but still critical piece of search engine optimization.  There are many things that need to be done properly in order to make your law firm website more accessible to search engine bots.  This includes META tagging with keywords, including directories and site maps, and optimizing your navigation.  Some SEO agencies will even go to far in the production of websites by making them more appealing to search engine robots than to the people they are supposed to cater to!  At Law Promo, we know that when all is said and done, the human visitors are the ones who will bring profits, so we keep this in the forefront of our minds when going through the optimization process.

Legal Keyword Selection and Research

Keywords are basically the words people search in order to find your services in their search engine, for example, “New York DUI Lawyer.” Your strategic choice and optimization of the right keywords is one of the most crucial factors in the success of your law firm website.  While in the past many spammers simply stuffed their websites' pages with relevant keyword phrases, today the search engines have gotten much smarter than that.  The keywords on your pages must be an accurate representation of the content you're presenting, so it's important you have a sound keyword selection strategy in place to succeed in your firm website campaign.  Although it can be a difficult, time consuming process that requires extensive research and analysis, keyword selection and research is something we are experts in here at Law Firm SEO and we are confident in our ability to choose the right keywords for your law firm’s site.

Content Optimization to Increase Visibility

The final aspect of a sound website SEO campaign is the actual content of your law firm's website.  Content is the most important part of all websites and is a crucial part of ranking highly in the search engines.  Without the actual content of a site, what would be the point of even visiting the site to begin with? At Law Firm SEO, we know that the number one priority of your site’s content is to give information to your visitors and eventually turn those visitors into clients of yours. With law firms, these visitors are actually potential clients, and your online content is the first representation of your firm that these potential clients see. On top of that, we know how crucial it is to optimize your content in terms of getting your site to rank highly in the search results. We are experts at turning your content highly optimized while still retaining its clarity and professionalism.

Performance Tracking for your Law Firm's SEO Campaign

Another aspect of a good website campaign is tracking your website’s performance. The website performance tracking software that Law Firm SEO employs and lets us continually fine tune optimization efforts, which works hand in hand with pay per click ad campaigns. Additionally, information like hourly traffic reports, peak times, visitor numbers and visitor information makes your website even more efficient. Tracking not only traffic statistics but also your referrers and the most popular content you produce helps to get a better gauge of your potential clientele, which helps greatly in your actual law firm business.

Link Building with Blogs and Legal News Sites

An extremely important aspect of search engine optimization is the strategy of link building.  This involves linking your site up with other sites on the web. Search engines are a critical source of traffic, but inbound links actually provide your website with a large percentage of your visitors. Additionally, search engines place great value in the links to your site, viewing them as proof of authority that vouches for your law firm’s website.  It could be speculated that building links is the quickest and easiest way to get your website ranked highly for the keyword phrases most relevant to your site.  Hence, good links serve to reward you with higher search rankings. The seven major legal news websites and over sixty law blogs Law Firm SEO has linking partnerships with will make sure that your firm's website is well connected.

We measure our success by the success of our clients and strive to keep you on the competitive edge in your field. We guarantee that we'll invest the necessary resources and time to learn everything about your law practice in order to bring our best ideas to your business.

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