Online Marketing

Online marketing refers to many practices that involve attempting to market a product or service over the internet.

Due to the increase in popularity of the internet and the role it plays as the main method of public searches for products or services, marketing online has turned into a primary focus for all businesses.  Traditional marketing and internet marketing do have many similarities, but there are a handful of very significant differences.

As with regular marketing, online marketing takes many forms.

While in the past, businesses and law firms would advertise their services through print media, radio, television, and by way of various physical signs, banners, billboards and handouts, in the digital age, advertising means social networking, blog marketing, paid online advertising (pay-per-impression, pay-per-click, or pay-per-action), email marketing, search engine marketing, and many other strategies and techniques.  With some of these online methods of marketing, there is no time limit to how long the marketing efforts last in cyberspace and in others it is actually possible to test and perform analytics to a much deeper and more accurate degree than with traditional advertising where it was virtually impossible to know who experienced your marketing efforts and how they reacted to them.

Online marketing brings together various aspects of the web including programming, designing, writing, advertising, marketing and sales.

As with regular advertising, this requires both technical and creative expertise.  As the cyber world continues to grow and expand its reach, online marketing is becoming more and more critical for the success of business' marketing efforts.