Content Marketing

Content marketing refers to the portion of internet marketing that involves distributing high quality content that attracts a targeted audience.

Sometimes this is referred to as branded media, custom publishing, corporate media or branded content.  The ultimate goal of content marketing is for the word to be spread about your law firm and also for people to take action, that is, make a move towards actually becoming a client of your law firm.

Content marketing works in a strategic way.

You're not directly selling or marketing your legal services but rather delivering much needed information that will actually make them a more researched and intelligent buyer.  It comes from the viewpoint that if you deliver excellent content to your potential clients, they will ultimately reward you by choosing you as the law firm to represent them.

The smartest marketers on the internet today are realizing more and more that traditional advertising, like television commercials and banners on websites simply are not effective any longer.  People skip past commercials on TV and they have trained their eyes to ignore website advertisements completely. The only way to really reach your potential clients is through the content you deliver to them.  What they're reading on your website are the words you write to them.  The content on your law firm website should be powerful enough to make your website visitors read and take action.

Whereas in the past, a traditional advertisement was something that was ingested by your audience in a heartbeat and was considered nothing more than a nuisance, today's content marketing provides real, valuable information, which makes the content of your website something that your potential clients actually want to read.  This is the greatest way to boost your law firm website conversion today.