Local SEO

Search engine optimization for your law firm website is not just about getting visitors to your website.

It's about getting potential clients to your law firm who are in need of the legal services you have to offer.  That means not only bringing in the clients who are looking for the particular legal area you specialize in, but also those who are looking for an attorney in your geographical area.  That's where local search engine optimization comes in.  Local SEO refers to optimizing your website particularly for a geographical area and is a crucial element of a sound optimization campaign.

It is composed of several key strategies.  One of these is getting your law firm listed on local online business listings and maps.  Optimizing your listings for the search engines will allow your law firm to be listed at the top when someone goes to your regional area and types your keyword.  Appearing at the top of the search results listing is necessary if you want to be seen at all online.  An extremely high percentage of all click throughs goes to the top sites listed in the search results page with an overwhelming number of these going to the first page and exponentially increasing towards the top spot.

To succeed in your online marketing campaign, you have to understand your market and today, that market has gone online.  People have abandoned their phonebooks and now turn to the internet to find what they're looking for.  With approximately 80% of the average income in the United States spent within 50 miles of home, local search engine optimization can mean a huge boost to your firm's business.

The heart of strategic local search engine optimization is keyword research.

Keywords are the words and phrases that your potential clients are typing into their search engines in order to find your legal services.  These keywords should not only include the particular field of law your firm specializes in, but also where you're located geographically.  This is sure to bring in the most targeted traffic and boost your website's conversion rate significantly.