Press Releases

Another online marketing strategy for both search engine optimization and online publicity is issuing press releases.  Press releases are intended to deliver to the industry the most up-to-date news about your particular field.  By submitting strategic press releases regarding your law firm and the services you offer, you will not only help to build your firm's presence online, but you'll also get a valuable boost in the search rankings from Google.  This is an invaluable benefit to your firm's business.

First of all, the press release itself will be published on high traffic press release websites and will likely then be syndicated and distributed widely throughout the internet as news sites and other niche websites pick up your article and pass it around.  Your law firm's website will then get direct traffic from the press release itself as well as from those other websites that distribute its content.  Not only do you get traffic, but by getting your work published by other web publishers, you gain credibility as a reliable source of high quality content and information.  This helps build your web presence and actually boosts your law firm's reputation online.

In addition, press releases are just another addition to your search engine optimization campaign.  Within a press release, you can include links back to the source of the information given.  In your case, you will want to link back to you law firm's website.  But you can do this strategically.  Choose to link back to your website using a particular keyword rather than just the full web address of your site.  For example, if you're a DUI attorney in Dallas, link to your website with a text link for a keyword like, "Dallas DUI Lawyer."  That way, you will boost your website for that keyword phrase.  That means Google will consider your site more relevant to the search results when people type in that keyword phrase looking for the legal services you have to offer.