SEO Strategies

Search Engine Optimization Content

The key to any quality website is good content.  Search engine optimization isn't about tricking the search engines into thinking you have a good site or offer good legal services.  It's about having a top quality website to back your reputation.  Good content not only keeps people on your website longer, which Google pays attention to, but it also gets people interested in what you have to say.  When you have high quality information, then other websites will link to you.  And that's the most valuable bit of optimization juice you can get.

Search Engine Optimization Keywords

At the focus of every search marketing campaign is a list of highly targeted, strategic keywords.  These keywords are woven into every single element of your web design and content and it is designed to bring in the highest number of quality visitors.  Make a list of keywords that your ultimate potential clients might use to search for your legal services online and keep that list at the center of your entire online marketing campaign.  These keywords should appear in your title tag, in some headings of your web pages, as internal text links throughout your site, in your website's domain, in bold text throughout your site, in your navigation menu, and in the alt text of images.  Do not simply pack your site full of keywords though.  Keep it natural.


One of the most valuable, if not the most valuable, strategies for boosting your search rankings is getting other high quailty websites to link to your website.  That shows Google that your site offers a credible resource and should be trusted as it is trusted by respectable sites.  Doing this requires great content and some strategic networking.  Most backlinks simply take time to acquire as websites have to discover your website and its content.

Search Engine Optimization Website Structure

When Google's search bots come to analyze your site, it will do a lot for your rankings to have a website that is designed well in terms of its actual web architecture.  This involves having easy-to-use navigation including a link back to your home page from all pages within your site.  You should also have a strong internal linking structure that points the search engines in the direction of your most important internal pages.  A sitemap can also help to spell out all the linking within your site.