SEO Tools

Keyword Tool

Every good search marketing campaign is centered around a strategic set of keywords.  This forms the basis of every aspect of your web design and the content of your website.  A keyword tool can help you to formulate a list of the keywords that will be most worthwhile to target.  While you can aim for highly competitive keywords for the long-term, it is important to have a list of longtail keywords that are highly targeted to your law firm and will result in a high conversion rate for your website.  A keyword tool can help to tell you not only which keywords would be best to target but also how competitive these particular keywords are.  This can help you decide how much effort will be required to dominate that keyword.

Duplicate Content Checker

This helps to ensure that your content is unique and also that no other websites have used your content without asking permission.  The search engines rank duplicate content very poorly and having any duplicate content on your website can severely hurt your search engine rankings.  Furthermore, if your content is good enough to be quoted, your website deserves a reference and a link back.

Search Engine Spider Simulator

This will simulate the search engine crawlers and will help to show you if there are any areas of your website that need to be fixed in terms of the code and overall site architechture. If there are any weaknesses in your website programming, the search engines could actually have a difficult time finding, indexing and properly analyzing all of your content making your efforts futile.  To prevent this from happening, this testing tool will ensure that even the invisible parts of your website are designed well.

Search Rank Checker

This is another tracking tool that will ensure that your search engine optimization efforts are working.  A search rank checker will allow you to see how well your website or web pages are ranking for particular keywords.  This should be used in conjunction with your keyword list and will allow you to track over time how high and how fast your site climbs for the terms you've optimized it for.  It can help to show you which strategies are working and which are not worth your time.

Website Analytics

There are many analytics tools that will help to track overall performance of your website including metrics like how long visitors stay on your website, where your visitors are coming from, what keywords they're using to find you, what your biggest sources of traffic are, what time of day your visitors tend to come, and which pages they stay longest on or leave fastest from.  This data is priceless and can help you get to know your visitors better as well as get to know which elements of your website design is most and least appealing to those people coming to your website.