Social Networking

Social networking is the top growing online marketing strategy today.

Although the phenomenon of social networking, including such mega-sites as Facebook and Twitter are relatively new, they're fast becoming some of the visited sites on the entire internet.  Humans are simply social creatures.  And because we spend so much of our time online, it only makes sense that we would be so drawn to social media.  That is why investing time into a strategic social networking campaign is a brilliant way to boost your online marketing.

Social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook allow you to not only increase your web presence online, but also help to build your reputation as a law firm.

When people search for your legal services online and find you and see that you're active in the social media community, they have one more opportunity to get to know your law firm and what you represent.  They say that it can take viewing a brand seven times to get someone to commit to them and seeing such a relaxed form of your attorneys is a great way to do just that.

Social media sites allow you to be less formal and express the true philosophy of your law firm.

This means that you are able to relate to your potential customers on another level.  And because these sites are interactive, these potential customers can actually communicate with your law firm.  Being able to see this side of you will allow them to trust you more and will increase your chances of becoming the law firm that they choose to represent them.

In addition, these sites provide an excellent outlet for you to share updates about your firm or even just updates in the field of law with your clients and your potential clients.  This helps prove your expertise in your field, thus building your reputation even further.