What is SEO?

seo for lawyers

Search engine optimization, is a strategy for marketing websites that involves increasing a website's visibility in the organic search rankings for the top search engines (such as Google, Yahoo and Bing).

When a keyword is entered into a search engine, that search engine sends back a number of websites that have a relation to that keyword. This is where strategy is necessary in the marketing process.  It is crucial to a website's success that it be ranked highly among these results because it is proven that users are far more likely to view only the first couple results than go onto the next page.  Since some generic, popular keywords can generate hundreds of millions of results, you have to be specific enough to get your website on top of relevant lists.

Because Google is arguably the most frequently used search engine (in 2003, technologist Daniel Sullivan remarked that 75% of web searches were done through Google), it is essential to look at how it ranks websites. For example, let's say we wanted to create a web site for a restaurant in Los Angeles called Hancock Park Diner. We would first need to first purchase a domain name, preferably hancockparkdiner.com, and then we'd need to develop the site.  But at this point, it will not necessarily rank highly in Google's search rankings for the keyword phrase "hancock park diner".

How does Google choose where to place your site in its search results rankings? While the domain name (or URL) you decide upon is important to the success of the website and the company or information your site promotes, Google also cares that your site is well-regarded across the internet.

Now it would not be that difficult to get hancockparkdiner.com to the top of Google's search list for the keyword phrase "hancock park diner" as it is not that competitive. (Getting a site to the top of Google's list is an entirely different story!) Getting hancockparkdiner.com to the top of Google's populated list would actually be relatively easy using search engine optimization. People who utilize keywords and keyword phrases in their Google searches that match those that you have sprinkled throughout your web page will likely find your page in the top of Google's rankings. But this is just the start of a good campaign.

Other important aspects of a successful search engine optimization include: content optimization, custom meta data, hand coding, link building, directory submission, article marketing, and analytics, all of which we specialize in.

Search engine optimization depends upon a strategically designed website.

Editing your content to appeal to the search engines is of utmost importance.  But while the content on your site must be optimized for the search engines, it must also must reflect your business philosophies for the sake of your potential clients.  In the end, your services will only look as good as the content that promotes it.

Meta data can help your search rankings by providing the search engines with information about your site. This information gives them an idea of what that site is about. It is hidden away from the eyes of visitors but is crucial to how the search engines view your site.  Link building is another tactic that could be considered the centerpiece for success. The highest traffic to your site can easily be achieved through a network of links. This will help your site stay on the top ranking of search engine rankings.

The bottom line is this: you cannot sit back and wait for potential clients to come to you once you have developed your site. The success of your online marketing campaign will depend on your successful implementation of search engine marketing strategies.

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