Blogging for SEO

One excellent and often overlooked strategy for boosting your SEM for lawyers is creating a blog for your attorney site.  Blogging not only helps get more visitors to your website in the first place, but it also boosts the organic search rankings of your regular website by providing links back to your site as well as more indexed pages in the search engines.

Blog Content

If you want to be a prominent voice in your field and boost your online presence in your particular area of expertise, there's not better way to do it than to create a blog and put out lots of great content.  To do so, you first of all have to have something to say on the matter.  If you have lots of information to share about your field, then a blog is an excellent means for doing so.

There are several benefits to blogging for website optimization purposes.

First of all, you demonstrate your expertise and share your voice with your potential clients.  This helps create a strong first impression and also builds your reputation.  Also, having a blog encourages organic links from other websites, which is one of the greatest factors in your search results rankings.

Blogging Schedule

A truly successful blogging effort that boosts your engine marketing for attorneys will not only provide your readers with lots of content, but it will also keep that content updated regularly.  The search engines have been shown to really value regularly updated content.  That means you cannot simply create a blog, write a couple of pages, leave it to sit for years and expect Google to boost your rankings for being an authority in your field.

What the search engines want to see, and so what you'll need to implement in your engine optimization for law firms campaign, is a blog that feeds your visitors with lots of relevant content that is consistent and continually builds trust and knowledge in your visitors.  Remember that the goal is conversion.  One great way to show your website visitors that your law firm is the best in your field is to regularly contribute to a blog that demonstrates that you're the most knowledgeable person out there and that you can be trusted to provide top notch services.