Keyword Research

Performing keyword research is one of the most valuable tactics in the search engine marketing field.

By figuring out the keyword demand in your field, you not only discover what it is you should target with attorney website SEO strategies, but you also learn more about your actual potential clients. The value of this knowledge is immeasurable.  You can literally figure out exactly what it is your clients want and need and even something about who they are.  This provides valuable insight into your business as a whole and where it can and will go in the future.

Judging the Value of a Keyword

Each search phrase that’s entered into the search engine is kept track of but to truly know the value of a particular keyword phrase, you will have to research, hypothesize, test and alter the various keyword phrases that are relevant to your particular law practice.  To do so, you can ask yourself several questions.  First off, is the keyword phrase relevant to what your website offers?  If someone types that phrase into Google and finds your website, would their particular query be addressed appropriately?  Will that particular visitor convert into a law client of yours based on the question that they ask?  

Longtail Lawyer Keywords

One thing you will definitely benefit from is targeting not just the concise highly competitive search terms in your field, but also the longer keyword phrases.  It is actually estimated that these long keyword phrases actually make up about 70% of all searches made.  So while you need to work towards ranking for the short, popular phrases, you absolutely have to remember that the long keyword phrases are more like what people will be searching for in mass numbers, so don't ignore them when creating content for your website. By filling your website's pages with relevant content that answers the common questions your potential clients might have about your particular area of expertise, you will naturally attract the search engines with regards to the long tail keyword phrases people are searching for. This will bring you lots of highly targeted traffic that will convert into new clients for your law firm.

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