Link Building

Building links to your law firm website is one of the most valuable things you can do for your business.  That is because although it can be challenging and time consuming, it is the search engine optimization for law firms strategy that will boost your page's search engine rankings the most dramatically.

How to Build Links to Your Website

There are many ways you can achieve a growing number of links to your site.  One such strategy is simply creating a respectable website filled with excellent content.  In doing so, you will attract natural links as people writing for other websites reference the content of your site and link to you when they do so.  This requires no additional action on your part and happens naturally and organically over time.

You may also want to engage in actual suggestions of linking such as emailing people with links to your site, submitting your website to various web directories.  Many websites also offer the ability to link to your site including forums, blogs and various social networking sites.  This should be done with extreme care so as not to appear spammy.

Link Building Goals

The first step that must be undertaken in SEO link building campaign be simply sitting down and creating goals.  building can be very difficult to measure, you must be strategic as you assess your progress towards your with regards to search engine marketing for attorneys.