SEO Content

In all your attorney web site search engine optimization efforts, the one to pay extra attention to is creating search engine optimized content for every page on your website.  Doing this will greatly boost your visitors' ability to find you and your website through the search engines.  Remember that the web simply uses robots to crawl your site in order to rank it in the search engines.  That means you need to have content that is extremely appealing to the websites.

Thankfully these robots are programmed to find the best content possible and so it's up to you to create a website that has excellent content that is easy to read, easy to navigate, and highly informative and relevant.  To do so, you need to be sure that your website adheres to certain content parameters.

Website Title

The title of your site is the first thing visitors as well as search engines will see.  Adjusting your title tags accordingly will help ensure the search engines get the right impression of your website and what your law practice is all about.  Make sure the title of your site is descriptive, telling not only the type of law you practice but also where you are located.

Home Page

The first step in creating an optimized home page is simply making sure that the content on your home page provides exactly what your visitors came looking for.  That is, you have to both introduce yourself and sell yourself.  Your home page is likely where your visitors landed when they first came to your site if they didn't end up there later.

Think about what it is your visitors typed into Google in order to find you and ask yourself if your home page provides the answer to that query.  If not, you need to alter your home page to cater more strongly to your visitors.  Include the keyword phrases most relevant to your website in order to rise in the search rankings for those terms.

Website Pages

The rest of the pages on your website are going to help give more information about your law firm to your visitors.  Remember that these visitors are potential clients of yours.  Give descriptive headers throughout the text of your content that helps ease their experience while reading about your legal services.  Break up paragraphs appropriately and keep in mind that the search engines love lists made up of bullets or numbers as a way to break up the text and improve the experience of the reader.