SEO Misconceptions

There are many misconceptions about how search engine optimization actually works.  Part of the reason for this is the fact that Google and other prominent search engines don't actually release all the information about how they go about ranking websites.  A lot of the secret of their complex search ranking algorithm and how their programmed robots analyze websites is hidden from the public.  Because of this, many misconceptions have popped up and it's necessary to clear some of those so your search engine optimization campaign is steered down the right path.

The Importance of Meta Tags

Although meta tags were once an important part of a sound marketing strategy, this is not the case anymore.  Only Yahoo still even indexes the meta keywords tag and they say that they don't even use this data for ranking but purely to discover new content.  Although the title tag and meta description tag are important, the meta keywords tag has little bearing on your ranking anymore.

Search Engine Submission

Back when search engines were just coming into their own, it was very beneficial to actually submit a link and description to your website to the various search engines.  Those submission forms still exist but they are virtually useless.  The search engines now find your site based on links connecting it to the rest of the world wide web.

Paid Search Campaigns and Organic Search Results

It was once thought that by paying more in a paid search campaign (such as PPC or Pay Per Click) would actually boost the organic search rankings of your site.  This is absolutely not the case.  You get no special attention or ranking if you pay to be placed in the advertising space in major search engines like Google.

Keyword Density

The bottom line with using keywords in the pages of your website is that it's not important whether you have a calculator by your side as you write.  What is important is that you write naturally and with your visitor in mind.  Remember that the purpose of your search engine optimized law firm website is to attract targeted visitors that will eventually become clients.  They don't need to see your content stuffed with awkward keyword phrases just for the sake of gaming the search engines.  Write naturally keeping your searching engine marketing for attorneys in the back of your mind and the keywords will place themselves.