SEO Web Design

Because there are so many limitations affecting how search engines interpret and subsequently rank the content on your website, it's necessary to optimize the way your website is actually built so that the search engines can best grasp what it is your website has to offer.  This process can involve programmers and designers and is a highly technical aspect of the website development process.

Web Content Must Be Indexable

First of all, you have to have content on your website that can be easily and effectively indexed by the search engines robots that crawl your site.  That means that not only does your website need to be visible and readable by your visitors, but it also needs to be readable by the search engines.  Images, javascript, flash files and other non-text content is as good as invisible to the search engines, so it is necessary to make sure that your website does not contain these obstacles.

Good Website Link Structures

In addition, your website needs to have link structures that are able to be crawled by the search engine robots as well.  There will most likely be many links connecting the various pages within your website. In order for the search engines to get a clear picture of the structure you've built on your site, you have to have a clean navigation and hierarchy of links.  That will ensure that the search engines are able to reach all pages of your website and index them according to their category and connection to the other pages on your site.  Finally, the search engines are known to only crawl around a hundred links on any given page.  This is one attempt at cracking down on spammers and can actually hurt your search engine rankings if you overstuff your website with links.