Site Usablity

Your site usability refers to how well a user can navigate your site.

While it may not seem obvious, usability and optimization are actually linked. Search engines work hard to provide the most relevant content in their search engine results in an attempt to provide an answer to the searcher's question. A potential client for malpractice, for example, should be led to relevant firms. Search engines therefore have a strong interest in a site's usability.

Collecting data on a site's usablity involves search engines using a number of approaches. One of these is evaluating the bounce rate of a website. Do visitors stick around and look through your site or do they immediately hit the back button because they haven't found what they were looking for? Another approach is determining if visitors are bookmarking the site because they consider it a valuable resource and one that they will return to. These are just two of the methods in which search engines quantify the usability of websites.

Usability also contributes to increasing the number of valuable links pointing back to the website. It is extremely advantageous for powerful legal resources to link to a law firm's website but in order to achieve this, your site must provide some incentive. Is the overall objective of your website easy to understand or is it confusing?

A web site that is designed entirely for the search engines has the ability to bring in lots of visitors, but those visitors will not turn into customers. If the only goal is to reach the top of the search engine results pages, you will bring in lots of potential clients but will not convert any of them.

Your site must be user-friendly along with being search engine optimized.

Sites that have sound site usabilty will attract important links. This double impact of more traffic and higher conversions makes for satisfied searchers and satisfied clients.

In addition, a site that is easy to navigate with a straightforward and clean structure excels in usablity and is a great contribution. The site's navigation should be strategically thought out and should provide the visitor with a logical and easy to follow path.