Tracking Success

In your search engine optimization campaign, it's more than valuable to actually track how your campaign efforts are playing out so that you can figure out a new strategy to improve and increase your success.

Popular Search Phrases

First, it's necessary to pay attention to the specific searches and phrases that have brought people to your website to begin with.  Those keyword phrases that actually end up sending visitors to your website are critically important.  It is crucial that you pay attention to keyword demand and also how well you place in the search results for those popular and targeted keyword phrases.  Always ask yourself if your content does provide what it is those searchers are looking for.  If not, you need to adjust the content of your website rather than your marketing strategy.

Keyword Phrase Conversion Rate

The way you can tell if you need to adjust the content of your site is how well the visitors to your site are converted into actual clients of your law firm.  After all, it doesn't matter how many people you bring in to your site.  What matters is how targeted those visitors were and whether you were able to convert them.  Find out if there are certain keyword phrases that converts people more than others.  Similarly, look and see if there are keyword phrases that continually bring in tons of traffic that simply leaves your website without looking into your legal services.

Adjusting Your Campaign

No matter how much tracking an analysis you do, you won't benefit at all unless you take action and make the proper adjustments to your of search engine marketing for law firms so that you continually grow and improve.