Website Domain Name

When you're getting ready to create a website, it's necessary to choose the best domain name possible.  That entails many things.  Lots of people simply want to choose a domain name that contains their actual personal name with a dot-com at the end.  This is not actually the best strategy, however.  Here are some ideas on how you can actually get the most strategic domain name for your purposes.  As your goal is to get new clients to your law firm, you want to make sure your domain name serves your goals by bringing you the greatest number of visitors possible.

Keywords in Your Domain Name

First off, research the top keywords in your law area of expertise.  Find out exactly what people are typing into their search engines in order to find the services that you have to offer.  Including part of these keyword phrases into your domain name will actually help greatly in you ranking for these search phrases.  Don't forget to consider that many people searching for your law practice may type in a geographical location as well.  It's important to always keep your clients at the forefront of your mind in all your web site seo.

Descriptive Domain Name

One of the greatest domain names you could have not only tells your potential clients the type of law you practice, but also where it is you are located.  For example, if you have a practice in San Diego, California, it's not of much use for you to be getting all kinds of traffic from Texas.  Those people visiting your site will most likely not be looking for your legal services as you're not located in their area.  What you really want to rank for in the search engines is a keyword phrase like “defense attorney in san diego”.  You can guarantee that the person who types that into Google and lands on your website will be interesting in the services you have to offer because they're highly targeted to their needs and desires.

Again, refrain from creating a website that only includes your name.  That website might rank highly for your name, but how often are people going to be searching for your actual name in Google?  What they're looking for are the services you have to offer.  So make sure you make those apparent both to your visitors and to the search engines by being extremely descriptive in your domain name.