Building Your Reputation

More and more law firms are creating websites today to expand their advertising range and boost their clientele.  But because the big attorney sites have been online for long periods of time, building their web presence and establishing their dominance in online marketing for law firms, it is crucial that you get your start on building your law firm's online presence as quickly as possible.  The longer you wait, the more new clients you're leaving on the table.  Your attorney website will not only help to get more traffic, but will actually help to build your reputation as a law firm.

The way things work today is that people search for what they need online rather than using the Yellow Pages or another physical method.  People go to their search engines, most often Google, and they type in a keyword phrase that describes what they want or need.  They're presented with a search results list, and then from that, they may spend a great deal of time looking through the first few sites listed and research how well they feel each one might provide them with the service that they're looking for.  In deciding how to run your online marketing campaign, you need to really think about who these potential clients of yours that you want searching for your website online really are.  What are they looking for and what is it they want to find?  How will your website stand out amongst all the others?  What kind of reputation will you be conveying through your website to your potential clients?  What kind of reputation do you think your law firm would have if you showed up at the top of the search results list?

Your lawyer website is essentially the first impression you give off of your firm to your potential clients.  What you have on your website tells people not only how and where they can find you and what legal services you provide, but it also gives your clients a taste of what kind of law firm you are, what kind of attorneys you have, and what you represent in terms of your quality of service.  Because you know that your clients might search around several websites before making a decision to go with one firm over all others, it is crucial that you have an extremely appealing website that shows how powerful your firm is.

The ability of your website to build your reputation as a law firm is profound.  If you don't have a law firm website right now or if you haven't put much into your site and you know it needs a redesign, it's time to boost your firm's reputation by investing in your web presence and an online marketing campaign.  This starts, first and foremost, with a strategically designed attorney website.  On it, you can show your potential clients your firm's history of success and any recognition you've received over the years.