Legal Keywords

The first step at improving your search engine campaign is by examining your domain name. Does it contain an important law firm keyword? Did you use a keyword that is applicable to the area of law you practice? If you are a lawyer working out of Los Angeles, California practicing medical malpractice law, is would be wise for you to choose a URL that contains a keyword that reflects your practice area. Many people feel it is necessary to purchase a domain name with your personal name for the purposes of your business cards, but it is actually more important for your online presence that you have a domain name that represents your actual practice. For example, you may choose By doing this, any other domain names your purchase in the future (such as or can then be pointed to what you believe is the most representative domain name (like  In fact, you can search for available domain names and purchase them from registrars now.  Google prefers domain names that are relevant. If your name is Michael Jones and your firm's site is on, you will not receive the traffic and ranking for your law firm web site that you would if you had the website address

You mustn't underestimate the power of keywords. Relevant keywords sprinkled throughout your site that pertain to your practice are of utmost important to you, the lawyer aiming to make an online presence using law website tactics. Web bots crawling the web employ algorithms on your website's content and use their results to determine the relevancy of your website. This can literally make or break the success of your law firm's web site by connecting you (or not) to potential clients.

Looking at the above example, some keyword phrases you might include throughout your web site might include "Los Angeles lawyer," "medical-malpractice lawyer," and "lawyer for medical malpractice in Los Angeles." Try to think about the keywords a potential client searching the web might use when looking for a law firm like yours. Don't forget that not all potential clients who are out there searching for a lawyer like you will spell their words correctly nor will they necessarily use full names.  Often they use acronyms and while some search for the term "lawyers" others might type in "lawyer." Be creative and be specific, using your keyword phrases multiple times. When developing a list of keywords, always remember that not all potential clients will have the legal knowledge that you do. If someone believes they have a medical malpractice case and wants attorney consulting, they might actually search for a term like "hospital mistakes" rather than "medical malpractice." If you utilize these website optimization strategies, those customers who are looking for an lawyer just like you will be able to find your legal web site in their search engine's search results list. The particular areas in which keywords are important include your title tags, your domain and your content.

Another important strategy to keep in mind when choosing keyword phrases for your website is avoiding targeting big umbrella terms that don't actually pertain to what you have to offer.  For example, targeting the word "law" would be a poor choice and a waste of effort for many reasons.  First of all, this is such a broad term that the incredibly steep competition would make it extremely difficult to ever rank very highly for this term.  That means all the time and effort you put into boosting your online campaign for the term "law" may never pay off.  Secondly, if you do manage to boost your rankings for the term high enough to get some traffic for the term, it is unlikely that this traffic will be very highly targeted.  That means that while you will get some visitors to your law firm website, it is not likely that any of these visitors will turn into actual clients of yours.  That's because someone who is searching for the term "law" is most likely not even looking for a lawyer.  They might just want some information about the law or even a simple definition for the word.  That means that if they end up coming to your website because of its placement in the search results list, they are probably going to leave your site quickly as it does not provide the information they were actually looking for.  Now it is probably clear why it's important to choose a keyword phrase that is more specific and relevant to your practice area and even your geographical location.

When you finally think you're done implementing keywords on your site, you should test your keyword and keyword phrases for your law firm's site using a popular site like Google. Remember to be creative and have fun! The strategic implementation of the relevant keywords on your law firm's web pages will make a world of difference in your business.