Legal Link Building

It is crucial to be a part of a network of law firm links this is one of the most powerful strategies for law firm search engine marketing. This is because the number of law firm sites that link up to your site will boost your site's authenticity. In addition, your participation in the link system (by linking to other law firms' websites) proves your commitment to the process. Search engines like Google weigh links very heavily. For Google, popularity is key.  In order to rank you highly, Google wants to see that your site is regarded highly, so the more web sites it sees linking to your site, the higher you will rank in their search results. Acquiring the links of nearby business' and business bureaus' as well as other law firms' sites will boost your rankings significantly. The most important links will always be those from your related industry (in your case, the legal industry). Note also that reciprocal links are less valuable than one-way links. That means that you'll get more credit for being linked to from a site that you haven't linked to yourself.  Law forums and blogs on your site are great ways to get linked back from other sites, but be sure to keep up with the content for both!

As you begin to link to other pages, there are important guidelines to follow.  For example, it is necessary that you do not overload your website with outbound links and those that you do include must be relevant.  Make sure to use relevant keyword phrases in your links.  Linking to high ranking sites is the best way to prove your authority.

Cross-linking involves linking within your own legal website(s). A site map on your legal web site is not considered enough. It is suggested that you look at your site's architecture as you build your lawyer website in order to figure out exactly where to cross-link. If you want a visitor to subscribe to your legal newsletter, this could be called a "call-to-action". Make sure you do not do this too early on your legal web site because it may turn some visitors off. First show your visitor that your site is valid and then promote the benefits of subscribing to your newsletter. Each page on your website should have a call-to-action, which is where the cross-link comes in. If you cross-link within your site, you show Google that you consider the content within your legal web site to be important.

Another tip involves the navigation on your web site.  Breadcrumb links are the horizontally schemed navigation that offers a secondary way for your readers to see where they are on your site.  These breadcrumb links help Google follow your site and also help your potential future clients navigate the content on your site.  In addition, you can use targeted keyword phrases in your breadcrumb links.  Just be sure none of the pages on your site are more than four clicks deep.  Choose keywords for your breadcrumb links that are relevant to your particular area of practice as well as your geographical location.  By doing this, you'll help boost your law firm website for the real keyword phrases the most targeted searchers are typing in as their search queries.  For example, if you are a divorce attorney based in Atlanta, Georgia, it'd be great to have links within your website that include phrases such as "atlanta divorce lawyer" and "divorce attorney in atlanta".  Make sure to think hard about what it is your potential clients might be typing into Google in order to find what it is you have to offer.  By designing your website around your clients needs, you are sure to boost your engine marketing for law firms as well as your own practice's business.