Results Tracking

A useful tool that can provide invaluable knowledge toward your SEO marketing for attorneys strategy and make it possible for you to evaluate statistics and results is web analytics. This is a type of market research that is used to quantify and optimize website usage.This is done by collecting a variety of website traffic data.

On-site analytics follows a potential client as they move through your website and records their actions. It creates a way for you to measure performance in a commercial context. It does so by recording stats such as unique/returning visitors, pageviews and time of visits. This data is then conglomerated for easy comparison that provides valuable insights into the success of your website. Any trends can help give clues as to the effectiveness of a marketing campaign. In addition, any low times in visits can offer the perfect opportunity for site maintenance that minimizes user inconvenience.

Entrance and exit pages are recorded to help you determine where introductory content should be placed to provide the best user experience. It will also help to inform you about the pages that are not satisfying visitors and that are thus causing them to look elsewhere for the services you wish to offer them. These pages may then need reevaluation to determine what areas (whether they be graphics, content or layout), could be improved in the future.

Another statistical parameter that is valuable to your law firm website is tracking which search engines originally brought your visitors to your website or to a competitor's website and which keywords they actually used to get there. This knowledge can provide extremely valuable insight into the best method for optimizing your law firm site and the keyword phrases you should focus on in particular.

In order to utilize results tracking to its fullest potential in your marketing for lawyers campaign, you need to draft up a set of goals for your website before even beginning the evaluation process.  First, define your site's current status by checking its ranking on the particular keyword phrases you're focused on.  By doing this, you have a starting point against which you can measure any future progress and success. Then, compare the results periodically as you work towards improving your firm campaign.  If your goal is not just traffic but targeted traffic, you should be taking into account your site's conversion, that is how many of those visitors that you are getting are actually turning into clients of yours.  If this figure is unsatisfactory to you at the moment, you may consider working on modifying the list of keyword phrases you're targeted as they may not be bringing you the right kinds of visitors.