Targeted Traffic

One of the most beneficial things strategic search engine optimization can do for your law firm's website is to act as a filter for the visitors that actually come to your site.  Imagine if the people who came to your site were only made up of those potential clients of yours that are perfectly matched to your law firm.  Imagine how much more successful your law firm would be if not only the number of visitors but also the conversion rate of your website continuously climbed?

This strategy involves designing a website with the search engines in mind.  Search engines simply use a programmed bot to scan all the web pages on the internet to determine their quality as well as their relevance to particular search terms.  You can actually create a website that is made for people searching in their search engines for particular terms.  For example, let's say you are a DUI lawyer in Pheonix.  What would be the best types of visitors for your particular site?  Think about who would make the best clients for your law firm.  In your case, you would want people who are going to their search engines and typing in phrases like, "DUI lawyer in Pheonix" or "Pheonix attorney DUI."

That's what truly targeted traffic for your website means.  The people who come to you as a result of typing in search phrases like that are going to be exclusively those people who are looking for precisely what you have to offer.  That is going to mean that out of those website visitors, a high percentage will actually convert into new clients for your law firm and that means a real boost in business.

More and more web experts and online marketers are stressing the importance of quality over quantity when it comes to traffic.  It has been proven that this is increasingly true.  Getting tons and tons of traffic is a lot of work and if your conversion rates are extremely low, then the payoff for all that work is also low, and hard to justify.  Imagine, for example, that your website wasn't optimized for a strategic keyword phrase but instead simply drew those people who went to their search engines and typed, "lawyer."  Do you think a very high percentage of people who type "lawyer" are actually looking for a DUI lawyer to represent them in Pheonix?  The chances are so slim that it's not worth building a website around that phrase.  It would not only be a lot of work, but the conversion rates would be incredibly low.